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 Gerland Machine is a Job shop that specializes in prototypes, light to medium production and assisting our customers with the design and engineering phase of new product development.


 We are unique because as a small company we maintain constant, positive, communications with our customers, or their engineering departments throughout the entire process and we are able to help our customers in the design process to make new products practical and economical to manufacture.


 We use Solid Works, Cam Works, and Feature Cam for engineering and programming and we have a thorough and accurate job tracking system and we use the latest accounting and job tracking software in our office.



Our shop consists of:

  1. Two Bridgeport E-Z Track (conversational Programming) vertical mills
    with .0005 accuracy.

  2. One Haas VF 2 machining center with .00015 accuracy.

  3. One Haas SL20 turning center with .00015 accuracy.

  4. One Haas HS5 Indexing Head with .002 Degree accuracy.

  5. One Turn master 16x60 Manual Lathe with .0001 accuracy D.R.O.'s.

  6. Table saw, Band saw, horizontal cut off saw, drill press, and a
    large assortment of hand saws, drills, grinders and metal forming equipment.

Our Inspection department conforms to ANSI/ASME Y14.5M standards, and our basic measuring equipment consists of:

  • 18*24 Granite surface plate
  • 16.00 inch height gauge.

  • All gage pins from .0160 to.5000 in +/- .0002 sizes.

  • 0-24.000 Micrometers.

  • 0-12.000 inside Micrometers.

  • 0-12.000 Depth Micrometers.

  • .187-3.000 Bore Micrometers.

  •  .0000-3.000 Thread micrometers.

  • Grade 2 Gauge Blocks.

  •  Large collection of  Sine bars, Angle bars and plates, and setup blocks.

  •  Large selection of other calipers, ring gauges, indicators, comparison gauges, fixtures and other measuring equipment.

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Service List

consists of the latest and most accurate job tracking systems and software.

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